GMMP’s Choices Program gives you the power to choose if you want to share some, all, or none of your credit card processing fees with your customers.


  • Reward your customers when they pay with cash.
  • Reward yourself when they pay with credit. 
  • Legally share processing fees with your customers. We navigate the card brands’ Cash Discount offer rules for you so you can rest easy knowing you are 100% compliant.
  • Choose the program that is best for your business. We empower you to make decisions about pricing, including if you choose to share your processing costs with your customers.
  • Charge your customers a percentage or flat fee. Get the freedom to choose which program works best for your business. Cash Discount percentage or Surcharge flat fee options.
  • Clearly list all Cash Discount adjustments or Surcharges. We take an honest approach to pricing and help you do the same by clearly listing all Cash Discount adjustments or Surcharges on receipts and we provide free signage for entry points and all pay stations.


**With Choices you can qualify for free equipment.  Ask us how!

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Grand Mill Merchant Processing’s

Partnership with Clearent provides the latest technology services with complete transparency of pricing.  With next day pay up to 11:00PM batching, you have more time to accumulate your daily cash haul and process for next day use!

Highlights include:

  • Quick Chip technology – 2 second processing versus 15 second standard
  • True next day funding with up to 11:00pm cut-off
  • No hidden fees!  Your fee will never go up without notice!
  • Friendly, experienced, customer service available 24/7/365
  • Low rates!  We are among the country’s lowest rates with technology customized to meet your individual needs!